[linux-dvb] DiB0700 device support

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Thu Aug 2 00:28:17 CEST 2007

> I have posted twice, with no appearance in the list, a message about
> remote control errors (tons of them in syslog!). I saw that you made a
> commit in your tree about remote control stuff. Is that related? I'll
> try a new build tonight.

If the sample below is what your "remote control errors" in syslog is,
the attached patch gets rid of it.

Aug  1 13:44:26 ragnyr kernel: dib0700: Unknown remote controller key : 1E 2A
Aug  1 13:44:57 ragnyr last message repeated 206 times
Aug  1 13:45:58 ragnyr last message repeated 406 times
Aug  1 13:46:59 ragnyr last message repeated 407 times
Aug  1 13:48:00 ragnyr last message repeated 406 times
Aug  1 13:49:01 ragnyr last message repeated 406 times
Aug  1 13:50:02 ragnyr last message repeated 407 times

When an unknown key code is received, it is not eaten and the module
keeps yelling about it using printk()s. A bunch of times per second.
Until the next valid key code is received. And this happens as soon as I
use any unsupported device (like power on/off my surround system). The
Nova-T IR receiver gets the IR code by accident and as a result the
module starts screaming.

I'm not sure but this screaming possibly killed (rebooted) my box as
well. I applied the new code, tested it for a few hours, and then went
to bed last night. When I woke up the box had rebooted (no mentions of
why in syslog, though). After applying the attached patch, my system has
been stable (about a 10 hours by now).

I'm still not entirely satisfied with the RC solution for dvb-usb-remote
(translating with a hardcoded list in the module and then sending
(sometimes in-)appropriate key codes in to the kernel as though entered
by the keyboard. Anyone know if it would be difficult to deliver the
received key codes through a netlink device (or similar) that can be
read by lircd? I'd prefer a solution that doesn't require a patch
+recompile for each new IR thingy I use....

My system has one Nova-T Stick (2040:7050), one Nova-T-500 (2040:9950),
and one Nova-TD Stick (2040:9580).

  // J
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