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Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Sun Jul 22 23:58:33 CEST 2007

Am Sonntag, 22. Juli 2007 22:07:32 schrieb Manu Abraham:
> Hi all,
> On one of the devices that i am working upon, it has a bus control entity.
> ie
> The device looks like this
> The device consists of
> 1) a BUS Interface Unit
> 2) on this bus Interface unit (BIU) there is one single physical I2C bus
> 3) a built in MASTER demodulator
> The I2C bus on the device is _not_ directly connected to any
> peripherals such as demods and or tuners.
> The bus goes to a control unit where the bus is split into 2 based on
> a control word sent to the  Bus Control Unit (BCU)
> The split out bus goes out like this
> 1) goes to the MASTER tuner for the built in demodulator
> 2) goes to a SLAVE demodulator, which has just one switchable I2C
> output for the tuner
> ie , the configuration looks like 2, 2 way switches cascaded together,
> when the MASTER and SLAVE demodulators are cascaded.
> Looking at the device and thinking a lot, i don't see how the control
> can fit in as a part of the frontend at all, as the it has nothing to
> do with the frontend, but just the BIU.
> Some thought that i have, at present go like this
> * register independant virtual buses for each device, on device
> access, the relevant control word is appended to the BIU device
> register.
> * have one bus alone, but add a control for the bus such that the
> control can be initiated from some place, but as i explained, this
> control is not on the frontend/demodulator but on the Host controller.
> I would like to hear comments people have on this, or better ideas if any.
> Thanks,
> Manu

Manu. although you're a rather selfish and utmost egoist human being who has 
destroyed and turned down a lot of good people's efforts by your inside 
living proven selfishness and egoism:

If you could formulate your request a bit less abstract and more filled up 
with some examples then there could be at least a small chance that you get 
some answer at all on your request.

Anyway I got real sick of your attitudes and manners (i. e. no time windows, 
just empty promises never to be fulfilled and so on..). It feels real sucking 
up with you everytime one feels that you do not have any clue to solve 
problems that indeed are existing!

If you still claim to be a core maintainer then please show people that you 
indeed provide the virtues of a real core maintainer. Otherwise stay away 
from claiming to be one!
The basic virtues are:

1. reliability and
2. high communication level!

And please stick to one basic rule or simply leave it and get outta here:
You personally are measured by your positive results (i. e. producing well 
functionable and effective good drivers, no disfunctionable crap, whatever 
device it may be!)



P. S.: Above all my criticism on you personally I still share the basic 
thought with you that Mauro "the horse" Chehab is, regarding his real 
capabilities and his basic attitudes towards a common linuxtv project, just 
another "Apparatschnik" mismatch that absolutely noone needs!

The basic rule of mismatch is:

Every fish starts stinking from the head down to the tail, not and never vice 

And this goes for Mister Johannes Stezenbach too!!!!

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