[linux-dvb] New tuning file for Astra 28.2E

Christoph Pfister christophpfister at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 10:53:53 CEST 2007


Am Dienstag, 24. Juli 2007 12:37 schrieb Marvin Hankley:
> Hi!
> > Is that really needed? NIT linking exists which allows the scan apps to
> > find the other transponders (ideally from a single initial tuning entry).
> > Of course some providers manage to mess stuff up so that you need more
> > (or all) entries to get the full channel list. So to change anything I
> > need some results from testing ...
> From my initial testing, the original file was not enabling scan to
> find all the present transponders.

Ok ...

> So, I made the complete list. I 
> know scan is capable of detecting other transponders from a smaller
> number but do we lose anything from having a more complete list than
> is strictly necessary?

The problem arises when some of them become invalid because you get timeouts 
then. It's also a bit more difficult to maintain them (but that's the case 
anyway ;) - hmm, will see and think a bit about this ... the main issue 
remains: where to get an authoritative source of information?

> Cheers,
> Marv


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