[linux-dvb] Henry Wong Patch

Eric Work work.eric at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 01:53:34 CEST 2007


I have been following this mailing list through the archives for a short 
while and I just joined.  I have an MSI TV at nywhere Plus video capture 
device which currently requires a patch in order for the remote to work. 
  With this patch the device works perfectly (except for FM which I 
don't care too much for).  I even have my learnable remote controlling 
my MythTV box without a hitch (except for repeating buttons, such as 
Vol+/Vol-).  I'm sure veteran's of this list remember this patch by 
Henry Wong and the other enhancements done by Dwaine et al.  The reason 
I'm posting to this list is that the patch has still not been accepted 
(correct me if I'm wrong).  I have been talking with a person from the 
Mythbuntu crowd about increasing hardware support and he suggested I go 
upstream with the patch, which is of course the right thing to do.  I 
originally adapted the patch to the stock etch kernel and recently 
updated it for the Feisty kernel.  So the question is, whatever happened 
to this patch?  You can find my latest version posted below if needed to 
refresh your memory:


It would obviously need to be updated for the latest source control 
version.  Please inform me if there were other plans/conflicts with this 
patch or something required by Henry Wong.  I will gladly help with this 
integrating/testing this patch if needed because recompiling the kernel 
each time my MythTV box is updated is getting pretty old.  This patch 
also solves remote problems for the KWorld Global TV Terminator.

Also for reference:


Eric Work

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