[linux-dvb] Re: Critical points about kernel 2.6.21 and pseudo-authorities

Markus Rechberger mrechberger at gmail.com
Tue May 1 01:08:09 CEST 2007

On 5/1/07, Manu Abraham <abraham.manu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Trent Piepho wrote:
> > The issue with dst is just a minor missing feature to fully support the
> dvb
> > helper module customization system.  So nobody needs to worry about this
> > anymore, the last two patches in this repository will fix it correctly.
> With regards to the dst, i have explained earlier to you that
> 1) the dst is not a frontend
> 2) i do not wish to use the frontend attach methods with regards to
> dst/dst_ca
> To mention, we had these discussions much long back how to go about it
> and don't think that every time a new developer get's an account with
> linuxtv.org, this has to be a matter that has to discussed to death
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.dvb/16156/match=patch+dvb+bt8xx+cleanup
> (eventhough of not much concern) If you now see most of the code in
> dvb-bt8xx especially the DMA stuff was refactored from the dst driver.
> But that said, the dst *is* different, so WTH ?

Please show me where this change makes your work more difficult,
Trent's change is small and I don't see the problem where it seriously
affects your work.


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