[linux-dvb] JTVOS: a "wannabe" java interactive DTV ..

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Thu May 17 20:38:07 CEST 2007


i think this post could be slightly relevant. it's about DVB and linux,
actually on the dreambox, but, tomorrow, maybe also on a generic linux
box. if you like it please help us!

today Cineca is _starting_ yet another project with regard interactive
digital television: a free java based middleware for STB.

actually this is a long term roadmap. we are in the first stage: the
bootstrap one.

since many years, Cineca created and gave away (as free tools) some
building blocks on the infrastructure side on the interactive digital tv

- some java interactive applications (let's call them in a more broad
sense then MHP xlets), i.e. we gave away Yambo an XML browser
(ASAP it's coming a next release with stream event and other interesting
features), and T-islessia a fairly advanced game engine for the tv set.

(BTW these MHP apps are going to be stripped down to run easily on a
subset of the "bloated" MHP environment. the subset supported by JTVOS
of course!)

- a DVB and DSM-CC carousel server for the DVB signaling and
broadcasting of these java applications: JustDvb-It:  BTW we are soon
releasing the 2.0 version with advanced features like: compressed
modules, NIT LCN support, MHP stored applications (where it applies like
MHP 1.1), MHEG5 support and so on..

now it's the time to tackle the STB middleware too. the market is not
going to offer too many choices and control on this piece of the value
chain, so we'd like to push (a very little) pressure with a little niche
free open source project: JTVOS

actually it's not a fully blown package. it's just an exciting starting

JTVOS is a fairly compact package with the porting of the GPL licensed
Java VM (PBP 1.1) from Sun on a Dreambox 7000 environment (stripped down
from their enigma engine..), and the first (and only) Java Application
working on the tv is the traditional "hello world" with the IP address
of the box on which is running!

that's all. there's a lot of things to be done to come to a useful firmware.

we need STB designers (for the GUI and the navigation of the features),
java programmers, graphic artists, documentation, people for the
testing, system programmer to drive the other hardware pieces and so on..

lot of entertainment is forecasted! :-)

maybe it can be ported to many different HW platforms. actually it just
run on the Dreambox 7000. a natively linux platform.

please read carefully the few informations you can find in the package
and here:


BTW register yourself to grab a copy of the build environment (only 70MB
but 300MB untarred, and 1.7GB after a succesfully complete compilation)
or just the dreambox image to try it (no warranty!!) on your box.

hope you'll enjoy and keep us informed.


andrea venturi

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