[linux-dvb] Re: [RFC/PATCHES] xc3028 hybrid tuner, em28xx/em2880-dvb, saa7134, cx88

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Fri May 18 19:27:10 CEST 2007

Uwe Bugla wrote:
> Am Freitag, 18. Mai 2007 16:44 schrieben Sie:
>> Uwe Bugla wrote:
>>> Am Freitag, 18. Mai 2007 14:11 schrieb e9hack:
>>>> Uwe Bugla wrote:
>>>>> P. S.: Ich bin bescheiden: Eine öffentliche Entschuldigung gegenüber
>>>>> den betroffenen Leuten, ein eleganter Schritt zurück, tut es voll und
>>>>> ganz. Es muss nur ernst gemeint sein, und deutlich und
>>>>> unmissverständlich rüberkommen, weiter nichts.
>>>> This is a joke. The guy, which insults everybody, expects that everybody
>>>> does apologize to him...
>>>> - Hartmut
>>> No, it is not a joke at all, although I know that I am not the
>>> friendliest person if such strange things happen to me and others.
>>> Above that I did not insult everybody, but only especially two persons,
>>> maybe three. So please read carefully the context, then state, not vice
>>> versa.
>>> The demand behind is to get rid of people who do nothing but play bad and
>>> compromiseless policy. And if their ellbows have destroyed everything on
>>> the human layer, then they just keep on by threatening the whole
>>> susbsystem as a next step. So, on two layers, the human and the technical
>>> one, there will be nothing but damage and chaos in the end, provoked by
>>> those persons.
>>> So if you, Hartmut, and / or others, keep on picking out what they want
>>> to persevere and simply ignore the rest, then I offer to translate the
>>> whole thing into English, just for the people watching this and really
>>> wanting to comprehend the context, which takes work of course.
>>> So please do not take anything personal but just help to avoid
>>> superficial statements like this one.
>>> Who wants changes first must state what the truth is.
>>> That cannot be done in a friendly way in all situations, as humans are
>>> humans, and such not perfect at all.
>>> Uwe
>>> P. S.: I fundamentally changed my mind as far as Manu is concerned.
>>> If I can change my mind, then others can also.
>>> Ellbow mentalities and stubborn minds do seem to be hopeless in this
>>> case. I never intended to ever insult Markus or others.
>>> But there are behaviours in fact as far as the mentioned persons are
>>> concerned, who do not offer you any kind of choice when you ask yourself
>>> how to deal with them. In so far flames seem to be inevitable,
>>> unfortunately. Its also a basic necessity to stop ellbow oriented
>>> stubborn people in order to prevent damage from the whole community. To
>>> ensure this, one must go upright instead of stating superficial remarks
>>> ripped out of a voluntary context.
>> The only thing that these emails do is cause those people who actually are
>> interested in developmental discussions to lose interest in reading the
>> mailing lists.
>> People are reading a thread, expecting all emails in that thread to be
>> about a given discussion, and then they wind up on emails like these,
>> causing them to believe that any productive discussion has ended.
>> Uwe, I understand that you are trying to help.  Everybody helps in their
>> own way.  On the contrary, all you've done is cause people like me to stop
>> reading our email.  If you _really_ want to help, then please just leave us
>> all alone.
> Michael,
> I've been pointing out technical issues more than once, wioth you CCed.
> I did not offer perfect solutions, I instead offered partial solutions or 
> simply basic ideas, that's all.
> I did experience that you simply ignore those issues, if you either do not 
> know an answer, or if you are moody, or perhaps just lazy.
> This latest remark done by yourself may contain justified criticism.
> I would deeply appreciate you to reflect whether the two last sentences are 
> helpful at all.
> My answer you can just guess easily.
> Uwe

Just because somebody emails me doesn't mean that I have to reply to them.

For my full time job, my work has absolutely nothing to do with DVB. 
DVB is a hobby of mine, that I enjoy spending some of my personal free
time on.  I do this work because it is an opportunity to be creative in
an area of development different from that which I normally earn a living.

You only have my email address because I use it to sign my changesets
and those changesets in which I sponsor.  I am in this for my own
enjoyment.  I do not wish to take part in any of the drama that you
throw at me, and that is why you haven't seen replies to the private
emails that you sent to me.

If I were to diligently reply to any and every email that is sent to me,
then I would never have the time to touch any code ever again.

I made my choice to participate in open source development.  I did not
make a choice to participate in email drama.

Now you know.


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