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Santosh santozk_1010 at rediffmail.com
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Hi Mr.Manu,   Thanx for ur reply..While going to the En50221 stack i have two more querry.1.As per the standard,after profile enquiry,the host has to send app_info( ) object to CAM, but the stack doing on so in call back..2.How to get the attribute memory address of a CAM..(ISs the attribute memory address is fixed or change with every CAM).Waiting for ur anticipation,Thanx in advance,Rgds,\"Santosh\"On Tue, 22 May 2007 20:28:39 +0400 Manu Abraham wrote Santosh wrote: > Hi, > > Can anyone explain me the significance to move CA descriptors from > stream to programme level?? > When you look at the CA PMT object, you have some descriptors out of the stream loop. Now when you have descriptors in the stream loop, which can be factored out, the same can be moved out of the stream loop to \"up above\", which has exactly the same effect.. You can think of something like 2a + 2b = 2(a +b) The advantage of which you have a smaller CA PMT object. The shorter the communication, the less error prone it is. Additionally lesser time taken for the CA PMT object to be transferred. 
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