[linux-dvb] Technotrend DVB-C budget-CI tuning problem

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Tue May 29 01:15:00 CEST 2007

> Hello,
> Seems my Technotrend DVB-C budget-CI cannot find all the channels under
Linux that it finds under Windows
> Neither dvbscan nor kaffeine finds anything at a frequency (154 MHz,
6900 syms, 128QAM) where the included windows      software does.
> Running kernel (Gentoo-sources) on a 64-bit Gentoo system (Core
2 Duo).

I'll help if I can

have you tried changing the inversion settings for each transponder?  I've
had some similar experiences.

off-topic question for you.  Are you able to decrypt any pay-channels?  I
have the same hardware, can scan for channels, but have never been able to
decrypt under Linux (only Windows)

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