[linux-dvb] Re : Gigabyte u7000 usb dvb-t support ?

dominik dominik95 at free.fr
Tue Nov 6 16:05:57 CET 2007

Thanks to Olivier,

I was trying to get it working but I did a mistake putting the cards in
the generic section. Putting it in stk section did it :-)
I got it to work. I attached the hg diff.

Using dvb-apps from hg gives me a "Unable to query frontend status".
For scanning, I'm using gentoo ebuild named
media-tv/linuxtv-dvb-apps- together with the file fr-Paris
from hg dvb-apps worked.

I am able to watch tv through mplayer using :
mplayer dvb://"France 4" -vf pp=lbreset


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