[linux-dvb] Hardware decode and dvr device

Simon Hargreaves simon at cellcast.tv
Tue Nov 13 12:13:28 CET 2007

I've been going through the code for the gnutv app and the libdvbapi. It 
looks like the way that a demux and output method is set up is that a 
filter structure is created including the tuning information, output 
method and pids to demux/decode. Now it seems that there is only 
enumerated values for Hardware decode and TS_TAP to dvr device, but 
nothing that would set up a hardware and dvr device for the same filter.
I'm assuming that this is a bit mask that is passed to the driver when 
it is set up and it should be possible to have a bit mask that enables 
both hardware decode and dvr output. Could somebody point me in the 
right direction for adding this to the correct header files?


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