[linux-dvb] Any improvment in the HVR-4000 front ?

Igor Nikanov goga777 at bk.ru
Sun Nov 25 15:47:07 CET 2007

> anything new ?

yes, there's some news. I'm using 4x1 diseqc switch and we together with Darron have tried to find the
solution for diseqc-problem & hvr4000. That's why on http://dev.kewl.org/hvr4000/ you can find several
But this patches couldn't decide the diseqc-problem. Today I have found the variant when the diseqc
switch worked properly. I disconnected from AA and AB input my two LNB and connected them to BA and BB.
After that the diseqc started to work properly. I recommend to you make the same actions and to try.

So, I have other disecs switch 2x1 - with it the diseqc-problem there's.
Both diseqc switches normally operating in dreambox 7000, TT2300, and with hvr4000 under Windows (WinTV

Here http://allrussian.info/thread.php?threadid=87371&page=4&sid=bea433aec2767682dd178b2425ea6a3b
you can find the oscillogramm with diseqc commands.


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