[linux-dvb] USB issues

Robert Longbottom RobertCL at iname.com
Thu Nov 29 09:44:46 CET 2007

On Thu, November 29, 2007 1:49 am, Yousef Lamlum wrote:
>> Hey Yousef,
>> Yousef Lamlum wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Perhaps this is the wrong place to ask but I've been having a USB
>>> related issue with my Artec T14BR (Ultima Electronics). It's a USB 2.0
>>> device and it's plugged in to a PCI USB 2.0 card (with NEC chipset).
>>> The problem is this: When booting from cold (powered off), the Ubuntu
>>> boots fine but does not recognise the T14BR. dmesg tells me "usb 3-3:
>>> device descriptor read/64, error -62".  Subsequent reboots do not make
>>> the device work either.
>>> However, if I physically unplug and replug in the device it is picked
>>> up, the driver loads and it works instantly, and remains working with
>>> each reboot until the computer is powered down.
>>> I've researched the problem, and tried a variety of suggestions (tried
>>> other USB ports on the card, passing boot options to the kernel, trying
>>> different cables) all with no difference.
>>> Given that a fair few of you use USB 2.0 devices, has anyone come
>>> across
>>> this problem before, and if so, does anyone have a solution?
>> This is because the firmware is not part of the initrd/initramfs
>> used by ubuntu.
>> You'll have to create on with the needed files.
>> --
>> flip
> Thanks for this. I've just been looking into how I can include the
> firmware into the initramfs image used by Ubuntu 7.10 and have drawn a
> blank.
> Also this solution seems a little odd to me. Admittedly my Linux
> experience is limited, but why is the firmware needed so early on in the
> booting process? Isn't the loading of firmware onto the device a process
> that occurs when the module loads?
> If this is a elementary question please excuse my lack of knowledge!

I'd also suggest you look at hotplug / coldplug services.  I'm not sure
how Ubuntu does this, but I think that coldplug is responsible for
initializing devices already connected when the computer boots, and
hotplug is responsible for devices that get plugged / unplugged while the
computer is running.  Maybe coldplug isn't running on startup on your PC ?


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