[linux-dvb] [patch] Improvement dvb-s2 lock with KNC1 DVB-S2 Plus, Satelco DVB-S2, TT S2 3200, Technisat DVB-S2

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Oct 9 23:21:45 CEST 2007


Manu Abraham wrote:

>>> I doubt whether there is a problem in acquiring LOCK on the KNC1, Satelco and the TT cards.
>>> Julian, Marco can you guys please confirm ?
>> I don't see any change here in behaviour with my SkyStar HD. The RTL
>> transponder still doesn't tune faster and it takes equally _long_ to
>> tune to a different transponder when switching away from the still not
>> successfully tuned RTL transponder. But I must admit that I do not have
>> any figures for an objective comparison.
> Hmmph. A bit confused by now. Something really silly it should be and hence 
> evading the eye. Will take a fresh look tomorrow again

Well, I forgot to mention, that I did all my "tuning" tests with VDR. I
hope this is OK, or should I better use szap2?

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