[linux-dvb] [PATCH]Fix a bug in scan, which outputs the wrong frequency if the current tuned transponder is scanned only

e9hack e9hack at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 2 23:07:47 CET 2008

Alex Betis schrieb:
> What driver and scan utility do you use?
I'm using the current linuxtv.org repository. I'm a DVB-C user. DVB-S2 isn't important for me.

> If you use S2API driver, please try my scan-s2 from here:
> http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/scan-s2/
If I use 'scan-s2 -c -o vdr', the output is wrong. I get:

Bayerisches FS Süd;ARD:201:202=deu,203=2ch;206=deu:204:0:28107:41985:1101:0

I should get:

Bayerisches FS Süd;ARD:346:M256:C:6900:201:202=deu,203=2ch;206=deu:204:0:28107:41985:0:0

Frequency, modulation, DVB type and symbol rate are still missing.

> I did several fixes in that area.
A fix for the lack ONID I did sent some time ago
(http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2007-April/017266.html). Nobody was interested.
The including of the polarization into the comparison of the transponders was also
discussed in the German vdr portal

I think there is a bug in the DVB-S/DVB-S2 code. If a NIT from a DVB-S transponder was
scanned and a new transponder was found, parse_nit() should create a transponder for DVB-S
and DVB-S2. Currently one new transponder is created and it is first initialized for DVB-S
and some lines later, it is reinitialized for DVB-S2.


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