[linux-dvb] New scan file for cz-Praha

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 23:14:38 CET 2008

Oooh, replying to myself.  What an egoist.  UNFIT TO DRIVE
ON THEE INTERNET.  Shameful.  May as well write a novel
of nothing but talking to himself.  GET A ROOM!

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, BOUWSMA Barry slobbered and dribbled:

> Or, a quick search (with no background) shows this frequency
> is in use at Usti n.Labem (north-ish; would have to search my
> maps to quote actual antenna distance and view terrain and

Relying on g00gle cache with results for `dvb-t praha', it
seems that ``dxradio.cz - přehled DVB-T vysílačů v Česku''
lists frequencies in use at present, and ``DigitálníTelevize.cz > 
Pozemní digitální vysílání v České republice'' lists planned
frequencies -- possibly modulation parameters are linked from
the latter, I haven't yet checked, but Real Soon Now I should
map out a cz-all file comparable to my Baden-Wuerttemberg file
to get a better overview...

According to my dead-tree map in ``Poznavame Ceskoslovensko 1.'' 
the tower for Usti n.L. is directly east, or pretty much directly 
north of Praha, a distance about 75km measured by fingers.  Bukova
hora is shown as 683m and shows a tower; dxradio.cz lists the 
height as 662m.

To the south of Bukova hora is Sedlo at 726m, slightly to the
east; I use `lynx' on console as browser and thus rely on my
maps from 1983.  But to the south of that is pretty much clear
sailing to Praha over 200 or 300m terrain, so that in some
parts of Praha I would expect to see a strong signal (I haven't
seen any indication if Usti nad Labem / Bukova hora sends a
directional signal or not) -- particularly at that lower

On this frequency one should see the CT and hear the Cesky
Rozhlas channels, as otherwise seen on E53 (730MHz) from
two locations much closer to the centre of Praha.

All this is based on a very quick look at giggle's cache
results.  I may need to correct things, which I'll try to
do by posting a scanfile instead.  But unless I hear that
different stations are received on this frequency, I'll
posit that E33 does not originate near Praha...


barry bouwsma
ex-radio praha

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