[linux-dvb] Technisat HD2 cannot szap/scan

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 19:08:32 CET 2008

On Sun, 7 Dec 2008, Pavel Hofman wrote:

Sorry if I'm missing something, as I haven't been paying
too much attention, but...

> I added a few free-to-air channels I was able to tune in WinXP to 
> channels.conf:
> Entertainment:12012:v:0:27500:2582:2581:8037
> SkyNews:12207:v:0:27500:514:645:4707
> WineTV:11555:h:1:27500:2372:2374:50435
> AvaTest:11555:h:1:27500:2329:2330:50446
> Vegas:11515:h:1:27500:3568:3567:8035
> Faith:11515:h:1:27500:2375:2376:50455
> The first two on LNB0, the rest on LNB1.

I'm sorry, but these are all programmes which are sent
over the 28E position (Astra2/Eurobird), for the UK.
All of them.

Do you have two dishes pointed to the same satellite
position, connected to LNBs 0 and 1 ?

> Perhaps it is correct and the channels I checked broadcast no stream at 
> this time. Since scan2 keeps failing, please is there a place to 
> download recent channels.conf for Astra 19.2E so that I can test on many 
> more channels?

And now you mention Astra 19E2, so I am very confused.

I would expect you should be able to receive 23E5 for
the czech broadcasts -- but please explain your setup,
which satellites you expect to see at which LNB position.

Many of the frequencies and polarisations are re-used
among different satellite positions -- that is the case
for 28E and 19E from 10714 up to 10964 (at 28E, the
frequencies above this have generally not been activated
yet) and other frequencies *not* on Eurobird, which
generally seem to share the same frequency both hor.
and vertically.

That is, you will often get carrier for the same tuning
parameters from different satellites.

So, please ease my mind, and tell me what you expect to
receive on LNBs 0 and 1 (and 2 and up if you have them).

I could point you to an old-style channels.conf which I
have for 19E2, as well as 28E, 23E5, and 13E, if you
still need them, but I first want to be sure they'll help

barry bouwsma

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