[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Technisat HD2 cannot szap/scan

Hans Werner HWerner4 at gmx.de
Tue Dec 9 16:34:51 CET 2008

> > 2008/12/5 Michel Verbraak <michel at verbraak.org>
> > 
> > >  Alex,
> > >
> > > I have the following problem. I'm not able to rotate my rotor with my
> > HD2
> > > card and any of the drivers (liplianin, v4l-dvb, Manu). I tried GotoX
> > diseqc
> > > commands as well as the goto position used by scan-s2.
> > > As Pavel also has problems with diseqc (switch with A B input) I think
> > it
> > > is not in the scan-s2 an szap-s2 utilities but in the driver.
> > >
> > I don't have a rotor nor HD2 card, so I can't help with that.
> > I do have 8-1 disecq that works fine with Igor's drivers (previously
> > worked
> > fine with Manu's drivers as well) and scan-s2 utility using Twinhan 1041
> > card.
> I have a Twinhan 1041 card and I have problems with the s2-liplianin
> driver
> which I have not fully understood yet.
> 1) Scan-s2 works for a while but in a long scan I eventually I start
> getting
> "Slave RACK Fail !" messages in dmesg and scan-s2 hangs. Perhaps
> increasing to
> msleep(15) in mantis_ack_wait helps (it hasn't eliminated the problem),
> but I am not sure.
> There are messages in /var/log/messages from
> stb6100_[set/get]_[frequency/bandwidth]
> which say "Invalid parameter". Only shutting down the computer and
> restarting seems to
> recover from this once it has happened.

I looked into this more and found a possible solution. The problem 
occurs in the i2c handling for stb6100_read_regs or stb6100_write_regs.

diff -r 29523b6d6cc0 linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_i2c.c
--- a/linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_i2c.c
+++ b/linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_i2c.c
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ static int mantis_ack_wait(struct mantis
                dprintk(verbose, MANTIS_DEBUG, 1, "Master !I2CDONE");
                rc = -EREMOTEIO;
-       while (!(mantis->mantis_int_stat & MANTIS_INT_I2CRACK)) {
+       while (!(mantis->mantis_int_stat & MANTIS_INT_I2CDONE)) {
                dprintk(verbose, MANTIS_DEBUG, 1, "Waiting for Slave RACK");
                mantis->mantis_int_stat = mmread(MANTIS_INT_STAT);

The reason for this change is that usually both I2CRACK and I2CDONE bits
are set in mantis_int_stat but there are occasions when I2CDONE can be set
and I2CRACK is not (it seems particularly following attempts to tune to non-existent
channels as you will do sometimes in a scan). The right number of I2CDONEs occur
for reading/writing the stb6100 registers, just no I2CRACKs.

> 2) szap-s2 works for a while after a cold start, but I think if you stop
> it and leave it for
> 30 seconds or so 

sorry it is 1 minute, not 30 seconds

> the card goes into sleep mode and after that szap-s2
> hangs. Strangely when
> this happens a short scan-s2 run (not long enough to get the "Slave RACK
> Fail!" problem) can wake
> the card up again, and szap-s2 works after that.  But szap-s2 can't wake
> it up itself and hangs in
> get_pmt_pid on the line
> if (((count = read(patfd, buf, sizeof(buft))) < 0) && errno == EOVERFLOW){
> When it goes into sleep mode I see the following in dmesg:
> [  522.821625] _stb0899_read_reg: Reg=[0xf12a], data=58                   
> [  522.821632] stb0899_i2c_gate_ctrl: Disabling I2C Repeater ...          
> [  522.821634] stb0899_write_regs [0xf12a]: 58                            
> [  522.822681] stb0899_sleep: Going to Sleep .. (Really tired .. :-))
> So the Twinhan 1041 is quite useless for me at the moment.

Try the following channels.conf for Astra at 19.2E:


Then do the following (in this order): 
0. point dish to 19.2E.
1. tune to TVEi
szap-s2 -a 0 -r -p -V -c ~/channels.conf.astra1 "TVEi;CANALSATELLITE"

2. hit ctrl-c, and wait 1 minute until the frontend sleeps (check dmesg)

3. try to tune to ZDF. It FAILS (hangs).
szap-s2 -a 0 -r -p -V -c ~/channels.conf.astra1 "ZDF;ZDFvision"

4. ctrl-c and then szap-s2 to TVEi. That WORKS.

5. ctrl-c and then quickly (before sleep) szap-s2 to ZDF. Now it WORKS too.
You can keep changing to other channels provided that it is not allowed to 
get into a sleep.

Similar problems are seen using scan-s2 instead of szap-s2.

I suspect part of the frontend state (hw or sw) survives the sleep and prevents tuning
to channels with different parameters subsequently. In other words the initialization
called when resuming from the sleep is not bringing the card to the exactly the same
reproducible state each time. A successful tuning (4 above) fixes things only until the
next sleep. I don't know yet where the problem is, but something isn't getting initialized
properly -- in the stb0899, stb6100 or maybe one of the parameter structs?

Can someone reproduce this? (or fix the problem ;-) ).

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