[linux-dvb] Question about Dvico HDTV7 Dual Express tv tuner card

Tu-Tu Yu tutuyu at usc.edu
Wed Dec 10 00:11:43 CET 2008

Hi Sirs:
I am working on the Dvico HDTV7 Dual Express TV tuner card under Linux
environment with kernel (2.6.26).
When I check the snr value and signal status about every 10 seconds,
it works fine in first few hours, but it will stop after about 12 - 24
I found out if i check the snr and signal status every second. It will
stop after 5 hours.
If I check the snr and siganl status every time it read PES, it will
stop in few minutes.
And it will show the message==> value too large for defined data type,
Read -1 byte from DVR.
Do you think it because the driver is not compatible with my Desktop?
Or I shouldnt check the snr value?
Thank you so much
Tu Tu Yu
tutuyu at usc.edu

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