[linux-dvb] SMS Host Library

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at avalpa.com
Thu Dec 11 11:33:43 CET 2008

Uri Shkolnik wrote:
> Andrea, Barry,
> Finally, I have marketing approval to release the user space SMS host library (binary form) and the associate header file (as source). 

nice to hear again about it. of course this lib bind the SMS host driver
interface, right?

is there a sample application to borrow from or same API documentation

> Now you can test DAB/T-DMB with SMS based devices....
> One problem still remain, true I can attach the header to a post mailed to this ML, but the library is about 1,3MByte.... 

for me, you can happily attach the lib to a PM.

for a broader availability, you should look for a ftp/http hosting.

i don't really know if a binary lib fits the scope of linuxtv.org very
well, but the web is full of free file hosting services..



> Do you think that FTP will be a good solution?
> Uri

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