[linux-dvb] lifeview pci trio (saa7134) not working through diseqc anymore

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:44:11 CET 2008

On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Jordi Moles Blanco wrote:

> would you mind telling me what linux system are you working with? i'm 
> desperate for this to work, i will change to any distro that makes 
> diseqc work.

If you are willing to get your hands dirty with kernel
source and possibly a source-control system, then you
may be able to get a working system, without the need to
change distributions -- maybe.

The drawback to the convenience of packaged distributions
is that they are frozen at a particular point in time,
which can lock you out of improvements.  That's one of
the tradeoffs for the convenience about not having to
worry about these things, which is great, when it works.

The linux-dvb source should be self-contained for all
that you need to get your device working.  (But not
always...)  So, the easiest way would be for you to
build the linux-dvb source as modules against your
present kernel version, whatever that may be.

This will also allow you to go back in time, should
your device fail to work with the latest source, and
go back to the point where it did work -- and thereby
help the developers to get the latest source to work

Anyway, you will need to update/download...
the sources for the kernel you are using
the latest linux-dvb source or tarball

The latter can be found at
or, slightly larger,

This is the latest source; if you look around the
linuxtv.org site, you will also see a way to download
the entire history of the source which will help you
go back in time -- such as I've done today in order
to try to see if my production 2.6.14-ish machine
can use the last useable release without problems.

Are you comfortable working with the command line?
I hope so, because that's exclusively what I use.
When you've downloaded one of the above archives,
you'll need to extract it into a suitable playground,
perhaps like
% cd ~/
% mkdir src
% cd src
% tar z(or j or y)xvf ~/tip.tar.(whatever)
% cd (whatever-has-been-created)
% make

This expects you to have downloaded the source for
your kernel as well -- if you're unsure of how to get
this, someone familiar with your distribution should
be able to help, if there isn't anything on the wiki
to give details of building this.

If you don't have the proper kernel source, your attempt
to `make' will fail with lots of complaints.

If you do have the source, it's also possible your
attempted `make' will fail, and probably someone here
or elsewhere can help fix what's needed (if the source
is not found where it is expected, for example)

If all goes will, you will have the very latest kernel
modules that support your device, and can try them, to
see if they work, or if there are still problems.

barry bouwsma

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