[linux-dvb] lifeview pci trio (saa7134) not working through diseqc anymore

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 16:47:31 CET 2008

On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Jordi Moles Blanco wrote:

> well... i did what i could....

Thanks, that I did not have to explain how to find the
kernel source  :-)

> i extracted the files and run "make". everything worked fine. The problem was
> that i didn't now how to "load" that new compiled module instead of the
> "default one"

If you want to do it the way I do, which is to test the
newly-built kernel modules without actually installing
them (in case I have more problems with the new than with
the old), the way I do it is...

% lsmod
(lists all the loaded kernel modules)

then I `rmmod' every module related to my particular
device and dvb/video/whatever is related, if I've been
updating that part of the source.

Then I load by hand, specifying the path to the
modules I've just built, like
# insmod /usr/local/src/v4l-dvb-last-before-2.6.16/v4l/[modname].ko

Keeping an eye on `dmesg' to show dependencies, which
you have experienced below...

> i mean.... if i run "modprobe saa7134"_dvb i'm accessing to the default module
> that comes with the kernel. is that right? so... i didn't how to load the new
> module.

Yes, this is correct.  If you do not care to keep your
old modules, you can do a
# make install
which should overwrite your old distro modules with the
new ones you've built, as you have done below...

> and "make install" so that i could load the new module by just doing "modproe
> saa7134_dvb". is this right?

> [  240.715593] saa7134: disagrees about version of symbol v4l_compat_ioctl32

I've seen this before on the list, but personally I don't
know the precise solution -- check the archives, if
someone else doesn't provide the answer.

> [  240.715604] saa7134: Unknown symbol v4l_compat_ioctl32
> [  240.776343] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_tuner_callback
> [  240.776410] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_register
> [  240.776643] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_set_gpio
> [  240.776703] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_qops
> [  240.776845] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_i2c_call_clients
> [  240.776983] saa7134_dvb: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_unregister

For the unknown symbols, as I mentioned above, that
means that needed modules aren't loaded -- as I note,
the way I do things (not recommended!) is to load
everything manually, mainly because I want to test
new hacks without losing my old modules.

I would then have to
# insmod /path/to/new/modules/[related-module].ko
where the related-modules are usually listed in the
`lsmod' output -- or else I just guess and load
anything that looks interesting and relevant.

As a wild guess, you need to load 
in order to get v4l_compat_ioctl32; 
probably contains the various saa7134_foo symbols
which are needed by saa7134_dvb...

> any idea how to fix this?

Check the mailing list archives, is my suggestion,
since my personal answer is `no', not having
experienced this myself...

Anyway, I'm happy that you're able to work your way
through this without too much help, and I hope you
are learning something useful at the same time...

barry bouwsma

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