[linux-dvb] Problem with libdvben50221

Brice DUBOST braice at braice.net
Sat Dec 13 17:49:49 CET 2008


I'm currently playing around with the libdvben50221
I started from the code of gnutv and zap_ca
It works very well but I have one problem.

When I close the cam my program is freezed when I do :

cam_params->stdcam->destroy(cam_params->stdcam, 1);

cam_params is a structure wich contains my cam parameters

I looked a bit more in the code and I discover that the freezing point is :

  I give you some manual backtrace :
  en50221_tl_destroy_slot(llci->tl, llci->tl_slot_id);
  static void en50221_stdcam_llci_destroy(struct en50221_stdcam *stdcam,
int closefd)

Gnutv does not experience this freezing.

Do you have an idea of what can it be ?



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