[linux-dvb] Nova-S-Plus audio line input

Lawrence Rust lawrence at softsystem.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 18:04:34 CET 2008

I have a Hauppauge Nova-S-plus PCI card and it works great with satellite 
reception.  However, I would also like to use it with an external DVB-T box  
that outputs composite video and line audio but when I select the composite 
video input I can see a picture but get no sound.

I'm using kernel version 2.6.24 so I dug around those sources and I see in 
cx88-cards.c that there's no provision for line audio in.  However, the 
latest v4l top of tree sources have added support for I2S audio input 
and 'audioroute's.

So I modded my 2.6.24 sources to support the external ADC and enable I2S audio 
input using the struct cx88_board cx88_boards.extadc flag, similar to the 
changes made in the current top of tree.  This now means that I can watch 
DVB-T :-)  I don't believe the changes affect any other cards.

I would like to see support added for the Nova-S-Plus audio line input in the 
kernel tree asap.  What's the best way of achieving this?  I can supply a 
diff for 2.6.24 or the current top of tree.

-- Lawrence Rust

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