[linux-dvb] can you confirm that the nova-td-500 is supported

Jyrki Niskala jyrki.n at telia.com
Fri Dec 19 19:13:37 CET 2008

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> just bought what i though was a t-500 and when i opened the box it 
> contained a td-500
> the wiki says (in bright bold colours) that it is not (and never would 
> be) supported
> however, from looking at the mailing list it appear to be supported
> i can of course take it out of the sealed bag and try
> however, to preserve any change of swapping it i thought i would ask 
> here first
> regards
> --
> simon
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For me it's still kind of 80% working status, it works on 4 of 5 muxes 
(read more about it here: 
I been tracking the problem from time to time by comparing usbsnoop logs 
from the windows driver. Windows driver works on all 5 muxes. For the 
moment I have found some differences in demod driver (dib7000p) and the 
tuner driver (dib0700). I will have some more time during Christmas 
holiday to investigate it further.

Regards, Jyrki

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