[linux-dvb] Adding info to the wiki, Was: Re: S2API drivers sync

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 23:07:27 CET 2008

Nicolas Will schreef op 19-12-2008 22:08:
> As a user, even a user who does not know how to code to save his life,
> you can do other things to help.
> You can start by being polite.
> Then you can ask nicely.
> In exchange for new code you can take charge of a few things.
> For example coders usually hate to document outside of their own code.
> Take charge of the wiki page of your device and make sure that it is
> clear and up-to-date.
> Then prod, poke, ask, politely.
> When new code comes in, test, and give feedback, constructive and polite
> feedback.
> And document some more.
> And prod, poke, ask, politely.
> and test.. and give feedback... and ask again...
> After a while you usually end up with working code, and happy.
> And if you stop there because your device is working fine and your job
> and family are taking 110% of you time, than sit back and enjoy your
> working TV system in the remaining 40%. ;o)
> In any case you were not completely selfish.
> It worked for me and the Nova-T-500.
> Nico
> yeah, a bit selfish too...


I would like to add some pointers on making the Avermedia Volar X DVB-T 
device work to the wiki, but I'm not sure if this 'supported or unsupported?
Avermedia Volar X DVB-T with AF9015-NT* & MXL5003S
Works with compiling the source from:
and firmware from:

Is it ok if I add it as a minor edit to:



Jos Hoekstra

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