[linux-dvb] How to stream DVB-S2 channels over network?

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 15:58:37 CET 2008

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, Artem Makhutov wrote:

> > Use the `-o:' option of `dvbstream' to write to a file,
> > then see if this file is corrupted or damaged.  If this
> > is so, then case 1 above would be correct.

> Everything looks like my SkyStar HD/TT-3200 is producing a little bit
> currupt stream for DVB-S2 under linux. DVB-S looks prette good.
> I will try to playback the recorded stream under Windows
> today afternoon.

Hi, me again :-)  Sorry to be writing so much today...

I actually do not know if you are receiving ASTRA HD from
19E2, or from elsewhere, and I now realize that earlier,
I assumed that you did...

As I noted in my last mail, please try `mplayer -vo null
etc.' to detect corrupted video.  The `-nosound' option
means that every frame will be checked, no matter how
slow my^H^H your machine.

In case the bandwidth is of concern, because I do not
know what to expect from HD DVB-S2 transponders...

I'm assuming, from your headers, you're somewhere in
germany -- if you are within the Astra 2D footprint at
28E2, meaning, the west or northwest, you can receive
the BBC-HD signal with a reasonable dish -- this will
fill about 7 to 8GB per hour on disk, and is sent via
DVB-S at present.  Around Berlin, you'll need perhaps a
2 metre dish.  If you can tune it, this will give a DVB-S 
reference at a decent bitrate, probably similar to ASTRA

Alternatively, on DVB-S, Eins Festival HD starts in less
than 24 hours; the bitrate is not so high -- I have some
files from the past Easter holiday that require, for
example, 21GB from somtime after 13h to just after 17h,
so a bit better than good quality SD video, but slightly
less than the BBC-HD stream.  Both these are H.264.

With a few hours of suitable HD recording, you can then
definitively say, oh yeah, the -S2 transport streams are
indeed corrupt and the -S streams perfect, or not, or
something.  That would be very useful, if it isn't
already widely known.

barry bouwsma

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