[linux-dvb] ATI Tv Wonder 650 owner : wants to help with Driver creation.

Phill 2 phill at phillk.net
Sun Dec 21 21:10:19 CET 2008

I have recently bought & built a new Rig to be a home media center & I
thought from the Myth TV documentation that all ATI tv-wonders where able to
be used by the linux driver's. Didn't read in depth to all the cross links.
I am willing to try to work with someone to help get drivers working. This
is the exact card  I have :
(well mine was DiamondMM branded, hope that doesn't change anything)
I can give you the exact details on the rest of my hardware spec's OS
config, etc...
Feel free to email me ASAP, i will have alot of time for the next few days
to try things.
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