[linux-dvb] TerraTec Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity (Quality with linux worse then with Windows)

Holger Rusch holger+linux-dvb at rusch.name
Mon Dec 22 08:39:01 CET 2008

Hi Devin & All,

Devin Heitmueller schrieb:
> Ok, so you've got the latest code and firmware (there is only one
> version of the 1.20 firmware).  And we know it's not the LNA then.

Well, at least something. :)

> You said the SNR is < 45%, but as far as I can see the SNR function
> isn't implemented on the dib7000p or the dib7000m, so it should always
> be zero.  Are you sure you weren't referring to strength?  Also, what
> application are you using to watch the stream?

Yes, SNR is zero all the time. I am revering to the first "bar" signal 
strength. Its between 41 and 44 on all my channels.

I rerouted my antenna cable (it was close to an ups and other devices), 
but the strength didnt change. The bar was close to red in femon.

I made some recordings and watched one of them. NO missed frames or 
distortions this time.

But I never had any in Windows and i got them often with v4l.

Iam usind vdr to record and vlc on windows to watch the 00x.vdr files 

Maschine is a 2GB RAM, CPU AMD 4850, setup which idles most the time.

Thanks for any further tips.

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