[linux-dvb] state of Pinnacle 310i remote support

Anders Eriksson aeriksson at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 28 09:53:27 CET 2008


I reently got myself a 310i and am having troubles getting it to work.

1) The video has an added layer of white noise on kernels >2.6.25
2) The remote doesn't work.

I tried to bisect 1, but ended up in a big v4l merge which didn't compile after
all commits. I plan to look into this a bit later.

Asking google on 2, I've found many in the same situation, but also a few 
indications that the remote does (or at last did) work! E.g.

Can you please tell me is that changeset mentioned on the v4l site actually
fixed the remote and if so, point me to the exact tree that worked? I'd be more
than happy to try it out to see if it works with my hardware. I've tried all
kernels >2.6.13 with no success (just the much spoken of key=.. . raw=...

Thanks in advance!

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