[linux-dvb] AverTv Hybrid Nano Express

Martin Pauly martinpauly at web.de
Sun Dec 28 12:49:36 CET 2008


I've been trying to install my AverTv Hybrid Nano Express.
Until now I had no succes. I created a page in the wiki for this card.
but here is my problem: I'm using ubuntu 8.10. I installed the LinuxTV
drivers via mercurial. 
I got no /dev/dvb folder. But in /dev/.static/dev/dvb/  I have adapters
0 to 3 listed, each one a folder, with textfiles(audio0, ca0, ...) in
them, each of them with size 0 bytes. 
Anybody any ideas how I could make it work?
or is this something about my setup (i use a crypted partition and

thanks for any help

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