[linux-dvb] Scan file dvb-t nl-Utrecht

Christoph Pfister christophpfister at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 01:13:30 CET 2008


2008/12/24 Koos van den Hout <koos at kzdoos.xs4all.nl>:
> As attached, tested yesterday evening with scan from Ubuntu dvb-utils
> 1.1.1-3.
> I see fec values in nl-Randstad and nl-AlphenaandenRijn that aren't valid
> (anymore) compared to the information source I have. Should I send those
> in with my 'theoretical' fixes or should I wait until I can try them (or
> ask people to try them).

Those nl-* files were removed in favour of a nl-All file 11 months
ago. I've recreated the nl-All file as some channels have changed
since then [1], so all issues should be solved now.


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