[linux-dvb] RE : Compile error, bug in compat.h with kernel ?

Thierry Lelegard thierry.lelegard at tv-numeric.com
Tue Dec 30 19:13:48 CET 2008

De : BOUWSMA Barry 

> On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Thierry Lelegard wrote:
> > I have a compilation problem with the latest Linux DVB 
> repository (Dec 30 2008)
> > on kernel The source of the error seems to be an 
> incorrect test in
> > compat.h.
> > In <linux/pci.h>, the following has been added somewhere 
> between
> > and (the two latest kernels I have on my Fedora 10 box):
> > 
> > static inline void __iomem *pci_ioremap_bar(struct pci_dev 
> *pdev, int bar)
> > But the test < KERNEL_VERSION(2, 6, 28) is not really correct since
> > the definition of pci_ioremap_bar appeared in the kernel in 
> the middle of
> > 2.6.27.* (in .8 or .9).
> This seems to be more a result of the versioning which
> your distribution applies to the kernels, where certain
> features seem to have been cherry-picked from 2.6.28 and
> been added without bumping the version.
> The above code is not present in the git kernel repo as
> of the time 2.6.27 went out the door, but was added a
> day before the 2.6.28-rc1 tag was applied during the two
> week merge window of limbo-land (22.Oct), I think.

OK, looking into the source RPM for the latest Fedora 10 update
kernel (kernel-, it appears that
the definition of pci_ioremap_bar in pci.h was introduced by

I assume that this is a Fedora-specific patch (or more generally Red Hat),
back-porting 2.6.28 stuff.

Too bad...

> > I do not see an obvious and general solution to this.
> I wonder if you could modify compat.h to reverse the
> test in the diff --
> or if this is set/not-set elsewhere...  Well, it's an
> idea.

Well, looking into the vanilla 2.6.17 kernel (linux-2.6.27.tar.bz2),
it seems that CONFIG_HAS_IOMEM is defined by default almost everywhere.
So, it seems to be a bit dangerous to play with that.

Really a pain since Fedora is a quite successful distro. The next "yum update"
will be painful to most most DVB users with devices which need the latest
update from linuxtv.org. Hopefully, they read this mailing list...


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