[linux-dvb] GL861+AF9003+MT2060....

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Tue Dec 30 22:58:07 CET 2008

And sorry very late reply.

Chi Min Wang wrote:
> I have an unknown USB DVB-T stick built by these 3 chips,but I could not
> find detailed spec for AF9003(it might be the channel decoder,maybe
> similar to AF9005 without USB-MPEG TS portion),so I could not modify the
> original AF9005/GL861 driver code for it. Did any one had tried such
> combination??

AF9003 is demodulator, it is 1st gen. The second generation solution is 
AF9013. This is similar as AF9005/AF9003 and AF9015/AF9013.
I think current AF9005 should be slipped to demodulator and USB-bridge 
modules, like AF9015 and AF9013. You can look example from AF9015/AF9013 
-modules. I think there is no very much interest to do that by Luca or 
any other because AF9003 is very rare. Actually this is very first time 
I hear someone have it.


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