[linux-dvb] Where to buy Anysee E30C in Europe ("Euroland")?

Anders Eriksson aeriksson at fastmail.fm
Tue Dec 30 23:39:23 CET 2008

Hi Antti,

crope at iki.fi said:
> Anysee have standard ISO 7816 card reader interface + SoftCAM in the  driver.
> I did not implemented card reader due to lack of time &  interest. It
> probably needs own driver module for card reader and there  is no very
> similar module that can be used of base of the mode. 

Am I right in understanding that all information required to drive the driver 
is available? No lack of specs? I was thinking that we mught want to forward
it to the gregkh. He once put up an offer to write drivers for any hw if specs 
were provided.

> However  I did some
> protocol reverse-engineering and those results can be found from: http://
> www.otit.fi/~crope/v4l-dvb/anysee_ca_iso7816_protocol.txt Feel free to
> implement smart card reader module :)

I'm afaraid that's beyond my skill level. :-(

> This device is rather common in Finland and Sweden. Also found from
> Netherlands and Latvia.

So, there should be some interest in getting it supported. Here in Sweden it's 
the only DVB-C I've seen available on stores. 


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