[linux-dvb] [Bulk] MSI TV at nywhere A/D v1.1 mostly working

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Thu Feb 7 16:09:14 CET 2008

Russell Kliese wrote:
> I just wanted to report on my progress with the MSI TV at nywhere A/D card
> v1.1 in case anyone has some ideas that might help getting this card
> working 100%.
> I've posted a picture of my card at the following URL:
> http://ringo.com/photos/photo.html?photoId=253664472 . The chipset
> includes: Philips TDA10046A digital decder, Philips SAA7131E analog
> decoder and a 8275AC1 tuner.

Hi Russell,
could you please upload your photo to the wiki article: 


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