[linux-dvb] How to force adaptor order when using 2 DVB cards?

Simeon Walker simbloke at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 7 21:41:22 CET 2008

Yep, it's horrible. This is what I did, the adapters 0,1,2 are still
there but MythTV is configured to used 4,5 and 6.

# My own DVB hell

# Twinhan DVB-S Card
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].frontend0", ATTR{dev}=="212:3",
symlink+="dvb/adapter4/frontend0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].demux0", ATTR{dev}=="212:4",
symlink+="dvb/adapter4/demux0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].net0", ATTR{dev}=="212:7",
symlink+="dvb/adapter4/net0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].dvr0", ATTR{dev}=="212:5",
symlink+="dvb/adapter4/dvr0", GROUP="video"
# Nova-T Stick 1
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].frontend0", ATTRS{serial}=="4030489593",
symlink+="dvb/adapter5/frontend0", GROUP="video"
 KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].demux0", ATTRS{serial}=="4030489593",
symlink+="dvb/adapter5/demux0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].net0", ATTRS{serial}=="4030489593",
symlink+="dvb/adapter5/net0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].dvr0", ATTRS{serial}=="4030489593",
symlink+="dvb/adapter5/dvr0", GROUP="video"
# Nova-T Stick 2
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].frontend0", ATTRS{serial}=="4027844315",
symlink+="dvb/adapter6/frontend0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].demux0", ATTRS{serial}=="4027844315",
symlink+="dvb/adapter6/demux0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].net0", ATTRS{serial}=="4027844315",
symlink+="dvb/adapter6/net0", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="dvb[0-9].dvr0", ATTRS{serial}=="4027844315",
symlink+="dvb/adapter6/dvr0", GROUP="video"

I'm not sure if gmail has split the lines above but each actual line
should start with KERNEL.


On 07/02/2008, Eduard Huguet <eduardhc at gmail.com> wrote:
 > Hi,
>     I currently have a media center computer set up using Gentoo 64 bit
> and a Hauppauge Nova-T 500 card (dual DVB-T receiver). Now I'm trying to
> add a new card (DVB-S), and here my problems begin: not mentioning the
 > experimental state of the driver (this is a different story that doesn't
> matter now), my problem is that the new card porks the order in which
> the device nodes were created in /dev. And even worse, the actual order
 > ing schema is different between a cold boot and rebooting:
> Cold boot:
>   · DVB:0: DVB-S tuner from Avermedia A700
>   · DVB:1,2: DVB-T tuners from Nova-T
> Reboot:
>   · DVB:0: 1st DVB-T tuner from Nova-T
 >   · DVB:1: DVB-S tuner from A700
>   · DVB:2: 2nd DVB-T tuner from Nova-T
> I guess that on a cold boot the Nova-T 500 takes longer to initialize
> (due to the firmware being loaded), so its adaptors gets both created
 > later.
> Is there any way to avoid this? My MythTV setup currently expects to
> find the 2 Nova-T 500 adaptors on DVB:0 and DVB:1, and In expected the
> new DVB-S adaptor to be created as DVB:2. However, it seems this is not
 > the case.
> Is there any way to force the numbering schema or the 2 adaptors? ¿Would
> maybe help i.e. setting RC_DEVICE_TARBALL="yes" in /etc/conf.d/rc
> (currently is set to "no") with only the Nova-T connected and then
 > adding te other one? I wonder is this would force its adaptors to be
> created always at the same position.
> Thanks for any help you could provide.
> Eduard
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