[linux-dvb] QUERY REGARDING Rules.make file

ashim saikia ar.saikia at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 12:15:41 CET 2008

I'm trying to compile a driver module for some kernel sources:

The compile of this module always quickly stops. As it seems because

of a missing Rules.make file in the top level kernel source directory,or because if a missing rule to build Rules.make:

So when building the kernel/Debian kernel-package: Is there a special flag for either make or make-kpkg that also creates this, as it seems from above, missing Rules.make

Or - alternatively - does the driver source expect to find some rule

somewhere to build this Rules.make file; a rule that in this case it

does not see .. ?

Or- There is no use of Rules.make file in kernel 2.6.x.x and higher. How can I overcome this problem

Can anybody help me out.


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