[linux-dvb] Trying to solve firmware upload problem with MSI TV at nywhere A/D v1.1 card

Russell Kliese russell at kliese.wattle.id.au
Wed Feb 13 15:25:27 CET 2008


I'm interested in trying to get the MSI TV at nywhere A/D v1.1 card 
working. There is a problem with firmware uploads to the TDA10046A chip 
being unreliable. I wonder if someone could give an overview on how the 
firmware upload process works from the point of view of the driver and 
what I settings I should be looking at to try and solve the problem 
being experienced with this card?

I previously posted some details of what's happening with this card that 
are available form 

I've cloned the mercural v4l-dvb repository and have begun setting up a 
new card entry for this card and am looking for ideas of what I could 
try to fix this unreliable firmware upload problem. Perhaps some GPIO 
ports need to be initialized before uploading firmware?


Russell Kliese

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