[linux-dvb] Hauppauge WinTV-HVR4000 and DVB-S2...

Igor goga777 at bk.ru
Sun Feb 17 11:00:54 CET 2008

> My goal is to get this card to tune to a DVB-S2 transponder, more  
> specifically this one:
> http://en.kingofsat.net/tp.php?tp=2656
> I have a dish with 4 LNBs connected to the HVR4000 through a DiSEqC  
> 1.0 4x1 switch.
> The 4th LNB is pointed to this satellite and I can tune to DVB-S  
> transponders there just fine with another card as well as this one  
> (more on that later).
> I assume multiproto is necessary for DVB-S2 tuning to actually work.  
> Right? 

yes, right. Latest version of multiproto will help you.

> I am working on a Debian testing/lenny system. I have tried the above  
> with kernels 2.6.22 and 2.6.24. The sample kernel output on the wiki  
> says What is the minimum kernel version that must be used  
> with multiproto in order for DVB-S2 to work?

I have 2.6.22 kernel and on my computer hvr4000 with multi[roto + hvr400-patch works well

> Could someone please help? 

next your step - to use the patched szap2. 

> One more thing: I've read about szap2 and perhaps other dvb-apps which  
> have been specifically made compatible with multiproto. I've noticed  
> these being casually mentioned in various list posts. However, I have  
> only been able to find a few somewhat old "traces" of szap2, and not,  
> say, a full patch against dvb-apps. Is there a distribution? Where at?

please, complile the szap2 and try it

here's you can find the links for download of szap2


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