[linux-dvb] Hauppauge WinTV-HVR4000 and DVB-S2...

Zenon Mousmoulas zmousm at admin.grnet.gr
Tue Feb 19 13:25:30 CET 2008


On 17 Φεβ 2008, at 12:00 ΜΜ, Igor wrote:

>> My goal is to get this card to tune to a DVB-S2 transponder, more
>> specifically this one:
>> http://en.kingofsat.net/tp.php?tp=2656
>> I have a dish with 4 LNBs connected to the HVR4000 through a DiSEqC
>> 1.0 4x1 switch.
>> The 4th LNB is pointed to this satellite and I can tune to DVB-S
>> transponders there just fine with another card as well as this one
>> (more on that later).
>> I assume multiproto is necessary for DVB-S2 tuning to actually work.
>> Right?
> yes, right. Latest version of multiproto will help you.

Thanks. Since I asked this in the first place, let me put it another  
Currently there is no other way to get DVB-S2 tuning, other than going  
with the multiproto tree, such as a patch-set for the main hg tree?

Is this assumption (also) right?

>> I am working on a Debian testing/lenny system. I have tried the above
>> with kernels 2.6.22 and 2.6.24. The sample kernel output on the wiki
>> says What is the minimum kernel version that must be used
>> with multiproto in order for DVB-S2 to work?
> I have 2.6.22 kernel and on my computer hvr4000 with multi[roto +  
> hvr400-patch works well

Thanks again. I tried again with 2.6.22+multiproto+szap2 and I got it  
to work.

>> Could someone please help?
> next your step - to use the patched szap2.


>> One more thing: I've read about szap2 and perhaps other dvb-apps  
>> which
>> have been specifically made compatible with multiproto. I've noticed
>> these being casually mentioned in various list posts. However, I have
>> only been able to find a few somewhat old "traces" of szap2, and not,
>> say, a full patch against dvb-apps. Is there a distribution? Where  
>> at?
> please, complile the szap2 and try it
> here's you can find the links for download of szap2
> http://allrussian.info/thread.php?postid=187408#post187408

I got http://www.free-x.de/vdr/patches/hdtv/szap2.tgz and it seems to  
work fine.

I also tried http://jusst.de/manu/scan.tar.bz2 but could not get it to  
work. I have problems compiling the current dvb-apps tip but that's  
another story. There was a binary in the package but it didn't work  
(scanning failed).

So, to conclude, as Holger Steinhaus noted:

The 2 things that can "speak" to the multiproto drivers a compatible  
version of the DVB API "language" are
- szap2 and
- vdr-1.5.14 + h264 patch ?

Are there any others?

If I use szap2 first, then I can also use dvbstream or dvbsnoop as  
well. I have to keep szap2 running though, because the frontend shuts  
down after some time, despite the dvb-core module option  
dvb_shutdown_timeout=0 (I think I have seen this previously reported).

One last question:
Is there any documentation (such as wiki pages) anywhere for  
multiproto-specific features? For example, I read about the legacy=(0| 
1) option for the cx24116 frontend in the list archives and in  
cx24116.c comments, but I was wondering if such information is kept  
anywhere else?

Thanks again, Igor, Holger, all, for your help.

Best regards,

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