[linux-dvb] How do you stream the entire MPEG-TS with dvbstream?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sat Feb 23 12:33:56 CET 2008

> with the same drivers and a different version of dvbstream?
> In any case you should always try a fresh cvs checkout of dvbstream.
> A simple test you should run  is this:
>  dvbstream -f 226500 -gi 16 -bw 7 -o 8192 > dump.ts
> and try to play the dump.ts from another terminal. If you see corruptions
> then report back, please.
> P.S. 1.7 and 3 MB/s are really low bandwidth usage that shouldn't cause any 
> trouble

OH, well this was with my distribution's most recent version, which I
assumed would be only a month or two behind CVS.  Unfortunately I've
just realised that according to the banner it's version 0.5, whereas the
"old" version I was running (with a last modified date of 2004) is
version 0.6!

I was going to mention a couple of other issues I found while I was
running your above command, but given that the version is so out of date
I think I'll go file a bug report with my distro instead :-)

Thanks for your response!


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