[linux-dvb] [Proposal] Regarding the mailing lists

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Fri Jan 11 01:32:05 CET 2008

Hans Verkuil wrote:
>> One factor that perhaps adds some weight to this argument/proposal is
>> the diminishing importance that analogue TV related issues are going
>> to hold over time ( as more and more countries switch to digital
>> transmission systems).  Of course, the light won't go out for
>> analogue TV for a number of years to come, but I think that users
>> familiar to the lists will have already noticed the trend towards dvb
>> related topics on the v4l list.
> v4l is not about analog TV in particular, it is basically for everything 
> video related that is not a DVB device or a graphics card. This 
> includes webcams, MPEG encoders/decoders, digital video streaming, 
> among others. 
True enough!

> While analog TV will diminish in importance (in some 
> parts of the world) that does not mean that v4l will become less 
> important.

hehe...I think we are in complete agreement on that one --> see the 
amendment I made earlier in the day to this article:

> I disagree. As stated above, v4l really deals with video streams in one 
> way or another. Analog TV is a fairly small part of that. So I 
> personally think that v4l is a pretty good descriptor of this 
> subsystem. (Although there are some oddities like radio and RDS 
> devices). To keep in sync with v4l-dvb-maintainer I would suggest 
> v4l-dvb-users and v4l-dvb-devel.

Fair enough (i.e. disagreeing about whether v4l is a good descriptor).  
But a large point here (for me) is in terms of the branding (i.e. 
LinuxTV) and a move away from the specific subsystem names which, as we 
apparently both have agreed upon, are not as clear to the end user.  In 
other words, while v4l-dvb-users and v4l-dvb-devel are good, I think we 
could do better and capitalise on on the LinuxTV branding with what I 
suggested earlier.

>> - turning to the #irc channels, the same arguments hold, except that
>> the dvb related channel isn't even named as such...rather it carries
>> the "linuxtv" name ... now, I know that the channel topic headers
>> will describe the type of discussion related to that channel, but
>> honestly, next to no one heeds any attention to that...so it is of my
>> opinion that the situation is even less then clear for the end
>> user....in my opinion, its time to make a single channel function for
>> all end users .... if so desired  even two channels --
>> "#LinuxTV-users" (or even just usurp the existing #linuxtv channel
>> into becoming multifunctional) and possibly another for developers if
>> they so desire (i.e. "#LinuxTV-dvel")
> Well, I'd choose #v4l-dvb, but otherwise I agree. 
same response as immediately above

> I never really think 
> of this as a 'linuxtv' project because I always thought of it as v4l 
> and dvb subsystems and linuxtv being just the domain name.

Fair enough, I can see that point. 

I do, however, as I have argued, believe that the "LinuxTV" name is 
superior in terms of description and "branding" *.

* And by branding, if it isn't obvious, I don't mean to imply that we 
are  trying to sell something, but rather am referring strictly to  
informational clarity.

> Regards,
> 	Hans

Thanks for the feedback

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