[linux-dvb] MT352 frontend INPUT_FREQ register.

Austin Lund austin.lund at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 20:38:05 CET 2008



I have a USB based dvb box with an mt352 frontend.  I'm trying to get
it working for linux and I've had a crazy time of it.  It has a
umt-010 chipset and a strange tuner which I got the settings for by
doing a usbsnoop under someone else's windows machine.  It is probably
the same device as in

However, the mt352 seems to be doing strange things.  The two most
significant bits of the INPUT_FREQ registers seem to be constantly set
to zero. The window driver tries to set it to f105 but doing the same
in linux and reading back this register just after setting it is says
it is 3105.  I'm using a hacked up userspace program to do this using
libusb.  I have tried many combinations and basically the highest two
bits are always zero.

Is this behaviour normal?  Or do I have a buggy device?

The device is unable to tune to anything, even strong signals.  This
is the only thing I've come across so far which could explain it.

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