[linux-dvb] [Bulk] Multiproto ???

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Wed Jan 16 17:53:23 CET 2008

Gregoire Favre wrote:
> Hello,
> once upon a time, in a far far far away... OK sorry ;-)
> A long time ago multiproto was said to be integrated in *near* future...
> to my great disapointment it still isn't, which is certainly not a good
> thing for the user at least...
> Could we hope to be *near* inclusion now ?

For those who missed it, yesterday on the maintainers list, Mauro posed 
the following:

Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
Hi Guys,
// //
//Any position about DVB-S2? It would be nice if we can try to schedule the
//addition of this feature for a future kernel release. 2.6.26?/

To which Manu responded:

Have been fixing bugs, Some bugs have been exposed on some initial tests, 
with regards to backward compatibility. Simply pushing it in without any tests 
doesn't help at all. This can be tested with applications that make use of it 


What do I think can be inferred from this?  Well, I would say that 
things are now starting to approach the finish line -- we're in the home 
stretch ... we're roundin' third ....

While Manu appeared reluctant in his reply to take to a particular 
schedule, I don't think Mauro's suggestion is too far off from what is 
likely to occur.  Consider this:  2.6.24 is imminent.  2.6.25 is likely 
not to appear until ~ mid May.  Which in turn means as well that the 
window for inclusion into 2.6.26 is likely ~mid May - June.

There is a fair amount of time between then and now for testing to 
continue and for bugs to be both exposed and resolved, as well as an 
eventual push into v4l-dvb.  

So, will Multiproto have been sitting/testing in v4l-dvb long enough by 
the time of the 2.6.26 window to warrant a pull?  I will hazard a bet 
that the answer will be yes --- but that's just my assessment, which is 
based upon no particular facts or inside knowledge.

> and I hope the problems of the past could be forgiven.

I do too.  I hope we can all push forward and increase the level of 
cooperation around here.

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