[linux-dvb] WinTV-NOVA-T-500 Status

daniel åkerud daniel.akerud at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 09:40:44 CET 2008

> I don't know what can be the reason of your problems. As far as I know,
> the disconnects are somehow related to bad receiving quality, which cause
> the firmware on the card to block. I'm not sure, though.

After two month experience with a Nova-T 500 I can say almost for sure that
tuning to channels with bad reception quality will get you in trouble. I
have hidden those channels in MythTV and get a lot less (close no none)
problems. I had some channels which gave me good reception one day and bad
the next, and guess which days my wife woke me up early in the morning to
reload the drivers :D

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