[linux-dvb] dib7000p tuning problem solved

Soeren Moch Soeren.Moch at stud.uni-hannover.de
Mon Jan 21 23:43:36 CET 2008

Nicolas Will wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 22:19 +0100, Soeren Moch wrote:
>>> Tuning on low signal still does not work, though. ITV4, with mythtv
>>> saying 49% goes to lock, but no TV.
>>> What should I be looking for, on fact?
>> My vdr was hanging with black screen after channel switching in ~5% of
>> all cases. Besides the faster tuning also in the remaining 95%, this
>> "black out" problem is solved by the patch.
>> If you never achieve a lock on certain channels, this might be a
>> different problem.
> Well, it tunes out of the previous channel, picture disappears, the OSD
> shown the signal at 49%, it says partial lock, then it says lock, but no
> picture.
> The non working channels at this point were not working previously
> either, so the patch did not break them. I have reception issues, I know
> it.
> Yes, it is faster, much faster for the tuning channels, for sure, it is
> even striking.
> Could there be any link to the disconnects, shall I wait some more and
> look for an impact?
I have never seen any disconnects since I use the latest (1.10) firmware
on my dib7000p nova-t stick.

As I wrote earlier, I think that the disconnects were caused by
disabling the pull-down resistors or unintentional writes from the
dib0700 bridge to the usb bus when accidentally hitting the end of
a SOF packet. Why and when this happens can only be debugged by the
dibcom firmware guys.

Since the patch suppresses writing of garbage during tuning, there might
be an impact on disconnects. But (with older firmware versions) I have
seen disconnects only when calling stream_on in the firmware, so I don't
think that this patch has any impact on disconnects.


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