[linux-dvb] RTL2831U kernel driver

Jan Hoogenraad jan-conceptronic at h-i-s.nl
Sun Jan 27 22:03:07 CET 2008

Hi folks,

Barnaby is still ahead of me:
I now got as far as getting it to compile in the hg directory, however 
now I don't know how to make a patch for it.
I also added a header to each file, so that it can be identified as 
RTL2831 product.

I kind of understand now what's wrong.
Can any of you confirm the behaviour below ?

The communication between the RTL2831 and the tuner chip is broken.
	error!! rtd2831_tuner_register_read: ( offset , data ) = ( 0x0 , 0x0 ) 
size != -32 bytes
The -32 clearly is an error message of some sort. My guess is:
#define USB_ST_STALL (-EPIPE) /* pipe stalled, also in urb->status*/

Therefore. the driver reports it has an MXL5005 onboard.
 From http://www.bttv-gallery.de/
we know it should have been a MT2060.
Furthermore the  MXL5005 code in the driver seems never used: it has no 
debugging traps in it, suggesting that is never endured debugging.

Thus I hardcoded the selector in tuner.c (now called tuner_2831.c in my 
archive). Still no connection, but many errors in the initial phase,
all originating from a failed rtd2831_tuner_register_read call.
CDevice::SetMT2060Tuner -- begin
  ****Error hMT2060  Handle
In this part of the code, the subroutine TUNER_RI2C is used: the decoder 
is first set into a specific setting, and than the tuner is addressed.

Apparenlty, rtd2831_tuner_register_read (in tuner_demod_io.c) tries to 
get something from a place where little can be gotten.
Might it be that the 0x0300 address is wrong ?


Barnaby wrote:
 > The only thing stopping it building in v4l-dvb is the conflicting
filename tuner.o. Renaming the version form the driver lets it build ok.
 >Below is a patch for the complete RTL2831U driver against the current 
hg version of v4l-dvb.

H Me wrote:
> The custom compiled kernel with Ubuntu (Gutsy 2.6.22) behaves similarly to Barnaby's attempt.  The driver module loads, the device light comes on, and it looks like it is scanning, but picks up no channels.
> No joy...
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=665315
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