[linux-dvb] Fwd: Problem with Twinhan 102g not being recognized

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Jan 28 19:47:19 CET 2008


What happens if you pull the VP-3250 card out of the system -- any 
change for the 102G or is it still the same result?

[ OT -- out of curiosity, are you just using the VP-3250 for OTA (8VSB)? 
.... I ask because we have Zero known cases of success for digital cable 
(QAM) with the card .... as it is, there is likely an inherent problem 
(i.e. buggy embedded firmware being used by the card) that provides 
reason or explanation for such observation, and this situation is 
unlikely to have changed....but, it doesn't hurt to keep following up on 
this, or obtain another data point.]

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