[linux-dvb] TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD

barry bouwsma free_beer_for_all at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 5 20:13:47 CEST 2008

--- On Fri, 7/4/08, Philipp Hu"bner <debalance at arcor.de> wrote:

> scan works now, szap2 works now:
> zapping to 1 'ASTRA SDT':
> sat 0, frequency = 12551 MHz V, symbolrate 22000000, vpid =
> 0x1fff, apid
> = 0x1fff sid = 0x000c
> But mplayer /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 doesn't work:

You should try tuning to a Real Channel[TM]

There is no audio or video on Astra SDT, as you see above --
V+APID == 0x1FFF

I'm sure that later in your .conf file, there are real channels
with real video and audio PIDs just waiting to be tuned into

versuch's mal mit ZDF, u.A...

barry bouwsma


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